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10 February 2009  

Things I liked: The sight is very well made. When you open the box, you can feel the quality feel that it has... When looking through the sight, you have FULL view through the sight. By this I mean that the back part of the sight sits nice and low so you can see over it get full view through the glass. I have the Walther MRS sight also and the back of it comes up a bit too high and blocks some view through the glass. The different reticles are great as you can switch them with a flip of the rear switch very easily for different targeting needs.
Things I would have changed: On all Panoroamic sight (which is what this is), the adjustments sight it in is NOT the best. This is my second sight as I returned the first one due to not being able to adjust the elevation:( You have to loosen the SET SCREW, then adjust your elevation and windage, then retighten the set screw. When turning the elevation and windage screw, they do not adjust per click. You will have to turn the elevation and windage screws multiple times in either direction until you feel a bit of pressure and ONLY THEN will the reticle start to move. Once you set it where you want it you NEED TO TIGHTEN THE SET SCREW ( which is on the opposite side of the windage adjuster). Not the easiest to sight in but very good once you do all this.
What others should know: KNOW WHERE THE SET SCREW IS!!! Loosen it, then adjust, then tighten it back up to keep the settings. The directions SUCK:( They literally do not explain about how to loosen the set screw, adjust , and tighten it back up... This is not common knowledge to anyone who has not had one or makes them:( Also, This sight is NOT built for high powered spring guns or REAL rifles or pistols. They are built for airsoft, or compressed air guns as you will virtually never be able to keep zero if you have a firearm with a fair amount of recoil. The Walther MRS sight I have actually explains this as this BSA sight has no mention of it. I have it on my Drozd Blackbird and works awesome after I spent tons of time sighting it in and remembering to tighten the SET SCREW.
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