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23 August 2008  

Things I liked: Excellent magazine. Easy to load into the weapon with a confident "click" assuring successful insertion (but see below). Feeds very reliably. I have never had a jam or misfire. I purchased from Pyramyd to supplement the magazine I already had (for reasons discussed below). Relatively easy to load. No problem with any of the ammunition I've used with my gun.
Things I would have changed: I would always prefer sturdier construction. I haven't run enough rounds through the weapon yet to see if these mags hold up over time. But, current construction seems OK, particularly for the money. While this is more of a PX4 issue than a mag issue, the confident "click confirming successful insertion is great, but for right handed handlers who holster at the small of the back, it is all too easy to hit the mag release button by accident. If you the pull the weapon out or put it away, the magazine can fall out. Unlike the magazine that came with my weapon (which, superficially, appears identical to these), the magazines I purchased from Pyramyd tend to be difficult to remove even if you press the mag release. They will, however, descend sufficiently (I think) so that the weapon will not fire. [I won't take chances with an improperly inserted magazine, either in a regular weapon or in a CO2 weapon, so I've never tried it. The potential for problems and accidents just isn't worth it.] This is good news and bad news. It is good news because, since it is all too easy to hit the mag release, if - actually, when - that happens you won't lose the magazine. The mag that came with my weapon is always disappearing. If you hit the mag release, it drops out at the first opportunity. With the mags I purchased from Pyramyd, I just have to push on the bottom of the magazine - and get the click again - to assure the magazine is properly inserted before firing, or - if I want to put the weapon away or remove the magazine to reload it - I have to use some small tool to coax the mag out of the gun. But, I am unlikely to lose the Pyramyd magazines.
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