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1 December 2008  

Things I liked: I have both modles of this rifle, with the Venturi and without. I was concerned that I might find I was losing some fps.due to the conversion to the Venturi but there was no decernable reduction. I set up 2 Gamo 5.5x5.5 targets side by side and set both guns on my bench. With open sights I alternated shots, 5 each, from a distance of 50 yds. Neither gun had been fired yet and so weren't sighted. I found the one that was standard a little harder to cock but not painfully so. As I said I sensed no appreciable difference in power and the accuracy of both rifles was about the same for where they were hitting out of the box. Both had a quarter size grouping at the point of impact per gun. I used 8.6 gr. round nosed for both. I truely love these rifles and would be equally happy owning either one if I had to choose.
Things I would have changed: On both versions I can honestly say that I can't think of one significant thing I'd change.
What others should know: Other than the fact that the standard version requires a little more effort to cock the only thing of importance and might help you feel better about spending the additional cash for the Venturi is that I believe it will be a better rifle to mount a scope on and have the scope remain true to it's settings.
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7 September 2008  

Things I liked: The Venturi Gas Spring is fantastic. It gives me the feel of a CO2 gun. I well never buy a Steel Spring again.
Things I would have changed: Give us more conversion options.
What others should know: Spend the money. The feel is worth every penny.
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9 March 2008  

Things I liked: Quieter, smoother, no spring noise or reverberation. No loss of power.
Things I would have changed: Nothing, except maybe reduce the price a little.
What others should know: If your hesitant to make the upgrade to the gas spring, but can afford the upgrade, make the won't be sorry.
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