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18 March 2009  

Things I liked: Quick disconnect type attachment, price, will also fill 3,000 psi guns and tanks.
Things I would have changed: The 90 day warranty sucks. My first Benjamin pump broke after using it about 2 weeks and five fills. It just froze and was stuck in an extended position. I am confident I was using it as specified and not putting any undue load on it or heating it up. I got a replacement pump from Pyramyd and it also froze, but for whatever unexplainable reason, the next day it loosened up and worked again.
What others should know: With adapters available here on Pyramyd you can use it to fill Airforce air rifles. The judge is still out on this pump. I'm unsure if it will stand up to even occasional use. Time will tell.
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5 March 2009  

Things I liked: Good price and very good quality.
Things I would have changed: Could use a replaceable or washable air intake filter.
What others should know: I use this pump to charge my Sumatra 2500 Carbine to 3000+ psi. I am 60 years old and have a pacemaker to keep me going but I get the job done by pumping about a dozen stokes at a time with a little break in between. If I can do it anybody can. I also have a 3442psi steel scuba tank which is a LOT easier to use but I still use my hand pump to top off my Sumatra when the scuba tank drops below 3000psi and on those occasions when I can't get the scuba tank filled. This is a very good hand pump and well worth the price.
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14 February 2009  

Things I liked: Works as advertised. Good quality. Good workout!
Things I would have changed: Add lock washers or Locktite to the base screws to prevent loosening.
What others should know: It leaked thick black oil from the base onto a carpet; wife became very unhappy. Crosman says oil leaking is normal and is mentioned in the FAQ's.
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2 January 2009  

Things I liked: Less expensive than other pumps, yet works the same as the other pumps. Longevity will tell the true story. Directions were completely adequate, along with the short video which was absolutely informative.
Things I would have changed: The price of all of these pumps is ridiculous for what they are....I've heard of the problems with all brands....I would like to see a type of water trap or filter on this can be done without adding $75 to the price...water trap and keep it at the same price.
What others should know: Works as good as any type of pump that I've best value in my opinion....time will tell.
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4 December 2008  

Things I liked: first pcp first pump(th discovery) pleased with both...instructions were adequate and coincided with th article i read by Tom about using high pressure pumps.MUCH more power with air vs.co2.The pump is easy to use anyone could use it...
Things I would have changed: price although it is comparatively priced with other pumps.I guess i was just not ready for how expensive high pressure pumps are but we are not talking about a bicycle pump
What others should know: you get a much better deal if you buy th package... that is th pump/gun combo
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