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17 February 2009  

Things I liked: They hold up well and 3 of them to to so you can just mark them for differen't types of clearners and oils.
Things I would have changed: Nada
What others should know: Nope! Just take care of them and they should last for quite a while.
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13 October 2008  

Things I liked: These mops make cleaning my guns a lot more easy. They fit perfect , and swab out the heavy grime & leading. Saves time & money because I use far LESS patches thanks to these.
Things I would have changed: Not a single thing.
What others should know: I found that after using the pistol bore brushes, that dipping 1of these mops in the AGE bore cleaner/ degreaser and swabbing the bore does a great job. Just follow the directions on the bore degreaser. After using the AGE, I use the 2nd mop to clear out the left over grime. I then put a couple of drops of MP5 oil on the 3rd mop & coat the bore to protect it. I use a little bit of Tide detergent to clean my bore mops , rince them real well-- let them air dry, and then lift the knap up & boom they are ready for the next use.
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