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6 September 2008  

Things I liked: small, good handles on each side to allow easier lifting / carrying by one or two people. fills pretty quickly, and it's not loud.
Things I would have changed: I would change the angle that the hose comes out, or even better, make it adjustable, right now it sticks straight up in the air, and when nothing is connected, it tends to bend down, and (I imagine) will cause permenant crease / weak spot in the hose after a while. Also the auto shutoff is supposed to be set for 210 bar, mine goes off at around 195 bar, high enough for the guns I currently have, but I think this should be higher then even the 210 it's supposed to be set at.
What others should know: for the amount of money you spend for this thing I would have expected something other then a photocopy of the owners manual. the pictures are very dark and in some instances are completely worthless.
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