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20 August 2008  

Things I liked: Really nice click adjusters. Screw on lens covers. Problem free.
Things I would have changed: 3-9X would be nice
What others should know: This is a nice match with a Gamo CF-X. Small enough lens to use a medium mount. Short enough not to interfere with pellet loading. Powerful enough for any range. Light in weight. So far all is well. Nothing has slipped; the reticle hasn't changed position that I can tell, and nothing has fallen off. I tested the click adjusters at 25 yards Holding point of aim and moving point of impact 1 1/2 inches each way with the adjusters. While the results weren't great, they were reasonable for a scope in this price range I suppose. Not sure I'd trust them for a really critical shot. Better to hold over/off and hope for the best. I think I got my money's worth here.
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8 August 2008  

Things I liked: A/O, clear sight picture, variable power magnification, rubberized adjusting knobs, very precise clicks when adjusting the windage & elevation. screw on lens covers
Things I would have changed: increase the maginification range to a 3-9 this would make for a better scope for the small critters like chipmunks. I wouldn't mind seeing this scoped priced ~$69.00 there are many other great scopes on the market at that price with more features
What others should know: The screw on caps are great unlike the Leapers flip up shades they do not get in your way because you remove them completley in order to shoot, however they do screw on /off a bit roughly. The only nit I have to pick with this scope is the knurled rubber power adjustment knob. The rubber starts to slip if you don't grip it very tightly I wish I mounted it on one of my better springers
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3 October 2007  

Things I liked: The optics are great and there is a good clear crisp image. I like the rubber grips on the adjustable objective and on the magnification adjustment ring at the rear. The adjustment turret caps are large and easy to remove to get to the adjustment rings.
Things I would have changed: The AO adjustment becomes very stiff past the 20 yard mark. The rubber ring helps but this makes it very difficult for adjustments in the field. The rear eye piece is not centered and the BSA logo is off to one side. The stiffness of the AO is something I have encountered on other scopes from Pyramid. One was so stiff I had to send it back for replacement.
What others should know: The scope works and it holds it's center adjustment. My scope is on an RWS 850 and I do not have the recoil issues described by others.
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30 September 2007  

Things I liked: perfect for fast target aquistion and very clear.excellant value.
Things I would have changed: i drilled a 1/8" hole in rear mount and threaded it so a set screw would fit in barrel hole,it works.
What others should know: modify the free mounts or get different mounts.
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Value for money:

31 August 2007  

Things I liked: This is a quality product. The optics are first rate... very refined. All the adjustments are smooth and the scope was easy to "sight-in."
Things I would have changed: Because the scope is mounted to a Gammo "springer," the scope is subjected to a lot of recoil shock and as a result, slides back on the mount over time. This requires the mount to be tightened periodically, which is a pain, particularly in the field. Maybe the answer is to buy a more refined rifle.. or a CO2 rifle! Or, better mounting rings.
What others should know: When mounting this scope on a break-barrel, be sure to buy rings that will secure the scope adequately... or know that over time, the recoil will move the scope back, thus requiring periodic tightenings.
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