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16 March 2009  

Things I liked: Great value for the money. Mounted to my Crosman2300T target pistol, that has a 3/8 " dovetail mount, without any adaption needed. It also fits on my Browning .22 rimfire rifle. Works great for indoor target practice on a low 2 or 3 power setting, which is the only thing I use this pistol for.
Things I would have changed: Auto shut off would be nice, but for the price it's hard to beat.
What others should know: Mount is low, and scope sits just above loading chamber, so to ease loading of .177 cal pellets, I use a pair of tweasers with about a 30 degree bend in them, and flat holding serfaces (purchased at Wall Mart for about $1.50) Works really well, and prevents jams.
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10 October 2008  

Things I liked: Good value for the money. Accurate settings. It is being used on a Beeman P-3.
Things I would have changed: Alternate mounting system for 11 mm. rail.
What others should know: This is a great aide for those who have need for sighting .
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2 August 2008  

Things I liked: perfect for an air rifle out to 20 yds or so, easy to mount and easily adjustable. I found the red dot bright enough in summer sun, depends on target color really (white target not as easy to see). Has a nice look on the rifles, not heavy and wont bounce around.
Things I would have changed: I see a common theme off BSA. Also, I would add crosshairs to easily line up shots as a refrence point for the dot, for now you have to "guess" each time you shoulder the rifle until muscle memory kicks in. I'm surprised though, within 100 rounds I'm on bullseye @ 10m consistently as I use the front rifle sight to give me a reference for the dot.
What others should know: still a great sight and (for my range) very effective on my Mendoza 600 .22 and my AirForce talon 22 .177. Can still shoot 20m groups w/n .5-1". Use Threadlock on the mounts once sight is in place.
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1 August 2008  

Things I liked: It's a great scope for close range targets (50 yards or less). It is accurate and easy to install and adjust.
Things I would have changed: Automatic shutoff capability. Increase the intensity/brightness of the dot in bright outdoor light. The intensity level of the red dot doesn't change
What others should know: Works well on my Benjamin Discovery
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Value for money:

4 May 2008  

Things I liked: Love it, I shoot as accurately with this from 30 yards in, as I do with a scope. (30 yards is about the effective range for my RWS so it's perfect.)
Things I would have changed: The brightness of the dot seems to change and it sometime's flickers off. Maybe a defective unit?
What others should know: Easy to mount, once you learn the trick to keeping the same sight picture it's very accurate and consistent. I can shoot bottlecaps from the standing position at 30 yards with it, no problem. Also, doesn't have the same "drifting" problem as a heavier scope on my RWS
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