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3 February 2009  

Things I liked: Everything This Product is Very Well Made. A Cinch To Use and Very Accurate. Leveled my Scope in 5 minutes
Things I would have changed: Absolutely Nothing.
What others should know: Too use this you will need a small line level and I used a 6 inch metal ruler to place on the top elevation turret cap with the line level placed on top of the ruler. Both are available at any hardware store. If you want a level scope this is the tool to use.
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27 February 2008  

Things I liked: Simple, easy to use... Great for keeping the rifle vertical
Things I would have changed: Lines on glass do not center on the white line on housing so who knows where level really is... The level I received did not fit on my 11mm dovetail rail, fully tightened it slid up and down the rail...
What others should know: I probably got a bad one since others don't have this issue...
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7 November 2007  

Things I liked: Works wonders for improving shot to shot consistancy. Once you get one you will have to buy one for every rifle you own.
Things I would have changed: Nothing.
What others should know: It helps so much and is reasonably priced. It will shrink your groups down considerably if you hold the rifle the same way every shot. This keeps you from tilting it and throwing a shot left or right.
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