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16 February 2009  

Things I liked: Accurate and plenty of power...Lothar Walther brand.
Things I would have changed: The bushings were too large to fit in the rifle...Not Pyramyd's fault AirForce quality control.
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28 July 2008  

Things I liked: This barrel makes power! I have the talon ss with the 12" barrel and it will push a kodiak 22. Cal pellet 726 f.p.s. The 18" barrel will do the same pellet 842 f.p.s. That's 33 fl.-lbs. Accuracy is about the same if not better. But the range is better. The 12" barrel is accurate to about 55 yards. yes it can shoot beyond that but I'm talking about accuracy. The 18" barrel has the same accuracy but at 80 to 90 yards!
Things I would have changed: At this point nothing.
What others should know: with the 18" barrel say goodbye to quiet shooting. but you can get a custom barrel shroud and it will be quieter then the talon ss with it's 12" barrel.
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9 March 2008  

Things I liked: This barrel is constructed with accuracy, and is simply drop in, no special changes is necessary. It dose increase the power of the Talen SS and nothing change with it's appearance.
Things I would have changed: Now, my purpose to mod. the Talent SS, to increase its power. Just like Tom Gaynor's article on Talen, Talen SS and Condor.
What others should know: Airgunner's the Talen SS is for it compact form. this 18" barrel provided your TalonSS more power but retain it's compact nature.
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