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31 May 2008  

Things I liked: The dome shape really adds great to range and ballistic coefficiences. It's very accurate in my Beeman R9 Goldfinger and goes pretty much where I aim, out to a dime. They travel alot longer than other pellets before dropping, very flat trajectory.
Things I would have changed: I wish the price would be lowered or the number of rounds included increased. You get less ammo for more money with these.
What others should know: They are worth the cost for a serious shooter at greater distances, but if you're just looking for plinking fun or just messing around with your kids in your backyard popping cans at 10 yards, buy a cheaper pellet. These are great for accuracy when you want to take game humanely. great accuracy for target shooting.
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10 May 2008  

Things I liked: This is the only pellet I will use from now on. It is the most accurate pellet that I have used in my R9.
Things I would have changed: Pack them 300 or more to a can instead of 200.
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