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3 March 2009  

Things I liked: Short and compact. Muzzle report is very quiet in my opinion. Installing the 10 shot rotary clip was easy and is a nice option for this rifle. Clip and bolt work great. Gun is accuate and light.
Things I would have changed: Gun doesn't have a gauge to let you know how much air is left in the tube. Mine didn't come adjustable for the hammer spring and adjusting the air venturi valve on the side. Haven't chronographed it, but it is about 12 foot lbs of energy at 160 bar or so.
What others should know: Don't charge over 175 bar if you want max. energy. I charge up to 165 and let it get down to about 130 or so. You get about 40-50 good shots with this charge. YOu can go higher like 190 max bar but your velocities will fluctuate a lot more.
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