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26 April 2008  

Things I liked: I'm impressed with the quality: nicely machined and finished, sturdy and appropriately heavy. Functions very well and easier to pump than I was expecting. The gauge has nice sharp markings in 200 psi increments. I attached mine to a one foot square of 3/4" plywood to make it easier to use.
Things I would have changed: Operation of the bleed screw at the bottom is obstructed and a bit difficult because it is located directly under the gage. Probably not a big deal unless you are wearing gloves or have big fingers or arthritis.
What others should know: This really isn't an issue with the pump itself, but I had trouble finding an adapter that went from the 1/8 female BSPP (apparently not to common in the US) on the hose that came with the pump, to 1/8 standard pipe that I needed for my application. That delayed my use of the pump for another week after I located an adapter on the internet from an industrial supplier. Because there seem to be a lot of different threads and adapters for the pumps and guns, some pictures and drawings with dimensions on the Pyramyd site would have been very helpful. (Sorry Pyramyd web staff, your site is wonderful, but I know that request is a project unto itself.)
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10 April 2008  

Things I liked: This pump surprised me with its quality and heavy weight. After I read how to use a pump on the Pyramyd web site I was apprehensive about the effort and time it would take to charge a PCP gun. I found it easy to use, and relatively quick to acheive 200 bar in my S410 by Air Arms.
Things I would have changed: Fold up base wold be nice. I have to disassemble to get it in my case with the rifle.
What others should know: Don't be afraid of a hand pump. They work well, and you get the added benefit of exercise.
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21 August 2007  

Things I liked: easy to pump, most rifles takes only about 50 pumps to recharge, unless you filling up from empty
Things I would have changed: bigger foot plate, with a hinge for easy packing it away in a backpack or case
What others should know: i have quite a few of these with malfunktions, making the draw of the pump very hard, and resulting in failure, but when they work they are very reliable, i have owned one for 7 years, with an avarage of 50+ pumps a day
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