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22 November 2008  

Things I liked: Looks cool on the gun
Things I would have changed: Everything... This does not hold POI for anything. If you breathe on this thing it changes. I hosed it down with locktite and cinched em down tight, luckly no trouble with stripping only good thing. Everytime I would focus the scope or change windage elevation POI would change, couldn't even get a zero.
What others should know: DON'T BUY IT.... Normally I love B-Square, but this is junk skip it and go to the leapers.
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14 November 2008  

Things I liked: the design SEEMED like it would work. TOTAL JUNK.. strips the brass on the rifle screwing in the mount without even coming to a snug. ruined the rifle for this mount... SENT BACK IMMEDIATELY.. Kept stripping, would not hold solid. Even the technician said he would not recommend this mount. Don't waste your money. get the Air Venturi Intermount. It worked great..
Things I would have changed: I wouldn't change a thing. not worth it. The entire stockpile of this mount should be thrown into the garbage, and not even kept in inventory.. Get the Air Venturi Intermount. It works fantastic with the Leapers scope and rings.. It is like they were meant for each other in a union for the perfect shot..
What others should know: DO NOT BUY THIS MOUNT.........
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2 April 2008  

Things I liked: It mounted right up to my Benji with no issues. A little blue lock tight and those screws wont come out untill I remove them
Things I would have changed: I would like to see aft end of the mount a little longer and maybe make it a little taller. Loading pellets is a little difficult but with time Im sure I will get used to it.
What others should know: Good sturdy product. It allows for a better eye relief vise the B 272 barrel mounts for the Benjamin 392 or 397. I would highly recommend using just a dab of blue lock tight on the mounting screw so you dont have to over tighten anything an worry about stripping anything out.
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14 March 2008  

Things I liked: Is a "see-through" mount and allows the shooter to use either the scope or the open sights. That's about the only positive I can note.
Things I would have changed: I wouldn't bother trying to change anything. The design and quality of this mount is too poor to correct and belongs on the scrap heap.
What others should know: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! Consider yourself forewarned. Without supporting the front of this mount with some sort of "jimmy-rig", your scope will not hold. If you try to torque down the mounting screws, you WILL strip the heads. They are of very poor quality. Do not even consider this mount, you are wasting your time. In fact, I would stay away from B-square altogether if this item is any indication of their product quality. Instead, purchase the mount offered by Air Venturi. It's the only one available for the Benjamin/Sheridan line that actually works.
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5 November 2007  

Things I liked: i like that its high and out of the way for easy pellet loading.
Things I would have changed: make an attachment to the front that can be tightened to the breach in front of the loading port to add to the durability and make it so it dont strip screws easily by putting all the force on those two screw holes
What others should know: pumping the gun can cause shock and make the screws stip. thats what happened to mine
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