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20 April 2008  

Things I liked: On impact the skirt of the .22 Ram Jet folds over sideways on the head to help increase it's width and the rounded nose flattens out to resemble a hollow point. This pellet creates a moderate entry hole measuring .1155" in diameter (about 54% of the pellets original size, with a large sized jagged star edge), and the pellet expands by 19% (usually creating a medium sized exit hole with a rough edge, about .281"x .46" in diameter). In addition, the Ram Jet was the 4th most accurate pellet for my rifle averaging groups of .6673" c-t-c (best group was .5225" c-t-c) at 25 yards. Another benefit is the price. The average price for the pellets that I tested is $0.035 each, so at just $0.033 each, the Ram Jet offers good performance at a below average price.
Things I would have changed: Surprisingly, out of the 10 types of pellets that I tested, this pellet had the 3rd best penetration depth, transferring very little energy to the target, and prone to over penetration. In my pellet comparisons, the Ram Jet had the 2nd worst overall size consistency (measured the head, skirt & Length of several pellets) which is not good for consistent shooting.
What others should know: Out of the 10 pellets that I tested, the .22 Ram Jet round nose pellet is the 3rd longest (0.324) and the 3rd heaviest (16.3 gr). The other 9 pellets that I tested included the FTS, Silver Sting, Copper Head (pointed), Kodiak, Supper Dome, Silver Bear, Crow Magnum, Max Speed Flat-Nosed 7562, and the Silver Ace. My rifle is a .22 Beeman GS1000 that is rated at 765 FPS by the Mfg. It is made in Spain and tends to be very inaccurate if it isn't held just the right way. Thus, I'm searching for a good hunting pellet that will help to improve my consistency and accuracy.
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17 November 2007  

Things I liked: Very high accuracy at moderate range. Very consistant shape and weight.
Things I would have changed: not much
What others should know: These pellets seemed to lose velocity and drop rapidly past 35 yards in my gun. This is what I have seen in other round nose pellets. These are great fun to shoot at moderate range!
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3 September 2007  

Things I liked: Impact energy, small ledge around the dome really smashes targets on impact, fantastically accurate.
Things I would have changed: Make an alternate tin holding 500 for those of us who love these.
What others should know: These and RWS Superdomes are what I consider my go to pellets.
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