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10 September 2007  

Things I liked: Most accurate of the pellets I've tried with a Gamo Big Cat 1250. They chrono ~900 fps. Reliable 1/2" 10 shot groups @ 15 yds.
Things I would have changed: A penny a piece would be nice.
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16 August 2007  

Things I liked: Initially, I liked the idea of triple sealing rings and a slightly roundnose profile.
Things I would have changed: Make the pellet heavier, and also make it fit the bore more snugly.
What others should know: For some reason, this is the ONLY pellet my Gamo CFX will not group well at all. I get sub .5" 5 shot 25 yard groups with Superdomes, Super H-Points, Rockets, Tomahawks, Silver Bears, Crow Magnums, Exacts, Ram Jets, Premier Hollow Points, Premier Wadcutters, Kodiaks, and Benjamin RN. It looks as if the pellets are undersized, as they are also the only ones I shoot that go into the breech with no resistance whatsoever.
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