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13 November 2007  

Things I liked: Consistency. Cut clean holes in Target.
Things I would have changed: Accuracy. I know guns can be pellet picky but my sumantra won't group these inside 2" at 20 yards.
What others should know: From my sumantra these pellets whistle between 650fps and 950fps where the whistle is as loud as the report and the impact noice. I dialed up and down the velocity to try to find any sweet spot but 2" with 6 shots is as good as I could do at any power setting. It was so bad I thought something was wrong with the gun.Then loaded one clip with EunJin's and another with Kodiaks, and a third with Crow Mags and all 3 gave 6-shot one hole groups where I was already set up at 20yds. My sumantra doesn't like these even though they look like lightweight EunJins..It likes the longer pellets.
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5 October 2007  

Things I liked: Similiar to the Eun Jin pellets, but much less expensive. Consistent fit.
Things I would have changed: 
What others should know: Similiar to the Eun Jin pellet but lighter in weight. Shoots better at medium high to low power range on my Sumatra .25. Decent consistency in quality and fit.
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