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3 August 2008  

Things I liked: Groups good using my Walther Falcon - Hunter Ed. in .22, not the best but close. Shape and forward weight of pellet looks to be good at max. energy transfer to target. Also good for paper targets, makes nice clean round holes.
Things I would have changed: I prefer screw top tins.
What others should know: The main reason I wrote this review is to let others know the shape of the pellet head is not nearly as rounded as shown in the pictures. It is pretty much flat with the very edge rounded over.
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22 April 2008  

Things I liked: On impact the.22 Silver Ace retained the head flatted out, and the overall shape of the pellet retained its shape, including the 3 rings, with little distortion. Out of the 10 types of pellets that I tested, the Silver Ace created the largest entry hole .1815" in diameter, which was bigger than the Crow-Magnum, and about 85% of the pellets original size. The shape of the entry hole was clean medium sized opening with a very small star edge. This pellet offers medium expansion, around 19%, creating the 6th largest exit hole, a clean hole measuring .3822"x .3295" in diameter. The Silver Ace had the 2nd best energy transfer to the target (great stopping power), 2nd only to the Crow-Magnum.
Things I would have changed: Unfortunately, the Silver Ace was the 2nd most inaccurate pellet for my rifle averaging groups of .9583" c-t-c (best group was .5190" c-t-c) at 25 yards. In my pellet comparisons, the Silver Ace had the worst overall size consistency (measured the head, skirt & Length of several pellets from each type of pellet tested) which probably explains, in part, its poor consistency and accuracy. I found the skirt to be thin and flimsy which accounted for the high inconsistency in length and skirt diameter, making each shot unpredictable. Another big downer is the price. The average price of all the pellets that I tested is $0.035 each, so at $0.046 each, you are paying a premium price for a less accurate and inconsistent pellet. At that price, I would expect much more from Beeman.
What others should know: The .22 Silver Ace rounded nose pellet is the 7th longest (only 0.274') and the 4th heaviest (16.05 gr), which makes it very short and front heavy (unbalanced). This may also account for its inaccuracy. The other 9 pellets that I tested included the FTS, Silver Sting, Copper Head (pointed), Kodiak, Supper Dome, Silver Bear, Crow Magnum, Max Speed Flat-Nosed #7562, and the Ram Jet. My rifle is a .22 Beeman GS1000 that is rated at 765 FPS by the Mfg.
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31 August 2007  

Things I liked: the flat head of this pellet along with the three cuts to the head are great not only does the silver ace grab the barrel grooves but it flys straight and true!! on impact pellet mushrooms causeing greater damage.
Things I would have changed: none
What others should know: great for squirrel hunting i have only tested tis silver ace out to 25 yards
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