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12 May 2008  

Things I liked: Will shoot near my Benjamin 392 max FPS. Carries good energy with the 392 out to 35 yds. Its enough to take out Crows and smaller problem birds out to about 35 yds. Groups are 1" or less at 35 yds and under with the Benjamin 392.
Things I would have changed: The tin can lid as with all Beeman pellets Ive shot doesnt like to stay closed. Make a screw on type lid or better securing lid
What others should know: Ive shot these pellets out of a couple of different types of air rifles. It really does well with the lower FPS guns. Id say 900 FPS and lower. Loading into my Benjamin can be a little chanllenging because of the dome shped head. But once youve grown accustomed to loading its no issue any more.
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