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23 January 2009  

Things I liked: Scope is shorter and lighter than others with comparable magnification and features. The optics are bright and sharp. The markings on the scope are easy for my old eyes to read (objective range, magnification setting, windage and elevation numbers.) The clicks are crisp and good tactile feedback as well as easy to read. I like the matte black finish. The focus ring at the rear of the scope allows you to quickly sharpen the image should you be wearing glasses one time and not the next.
Things I would have changed: The windage and elevation knobs are huge. There are not as pictured on the web site. It just seem a little overkill, but they are easy to use. There are no covers for these knobs (more like drums) and they could maybe get knocked and change setting.
What others should know: It works great on my Benjamin Discovery. Just the right size and power. The 40mm objective just clears the rear iron sight using a set of AirForce High rings. I think a 50mm scope would pose a problem.
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16 May 2008  

Things I liked: Light weight / Sized right for the Talon SS. Looks good.
Things I would have changed: Left-Right adjustment knob turned freely w/o clicking. Neither adjustment knob has a cover so you can accidently bump one after you have sighted in the scope.
What others should know: I replaced this scope with a larger BSA scope that had the items I mentioned above. It actually seemed clearer and was about $20 less. The only downside was that it was a bit larger.
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