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19 December 2007  

Things I liked: Out of the box, mount the scope and shoot. 3 shots. This got the first squirrel. Very minor adjustment and then one shot for each of two more. Range about 50 to 70 feet. A very accurate and well built gun. It's heavy and the scope is good but doesn't add great value. Trigger pull is on heavier side. The weight is a plus if you value a steady gun. Absolutely suggest Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy pellets. Their fit is perfect and have had no problems in over a hundred shots. Fast and easy loading. This is a great gun for close to medium range pest and small game control.
Things I would have changed: Safety is a little sticky and took a little time to break in but is working fine now. It maybe could be made a little more convenient to use.
What others should know: Very good gun for close to medium range pest and small game control. It's muzzle velocity probably limits it for longer range use but it packs a wallop closer in. Accuracy is superb.
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28 August 2007  

Things I liked: this rifle is heavy-duty!! It has a beautiful wooden stock, excellent balance, and amazingly more accurate than I expected it to be! I am not the least bit disappointed in my purchase.
Things I would have changed: the trigger pull is a little heavy but I am use to a 1 1/2 # pull. The noise is not bad at all, I have fired pump air rifles that are louder than this one, but if I could I would make it silent.
What others should know: This is what I would call an intermediate level air rifle, not the MOST powerful, not the MOST accurate (still 0.36 C-t-C is awesome), but for the little amount of money spent and quality that has been put into it, this is one awesome deal. I would buy another right now if I ever thought this one was going to die on me. I don't think it will.
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