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24 July 2008  

Things I liked: This rifle is very light weight making is easy to support without a rest. This is an important feature for the little shooters. The safety will automatically engage every time the trigger is released, it does not matter if the gun is cocked or not - release the trigger and the safety automatically goes to the 'safe' position. The scope is mounted and bore sighted, my first three shot group was about an inch high and left at 10 meters. The scope adjustment screws are calibrated for this close distance, so, unlike a '100 yard' scope, only a fraction of a rotation is needed to make a point of impact adjustment. The scope is just as 'cheap' as the rifle, however, the optics are acceptable and the reticule is fine and sharp.
Things I would have changed: The plastic stock is a right & left glued together to capture the receiver which makes it impossible to disassemble without destroying the stock. I did not measure the trigger pull but I am guessing it breaks at about 12+ pounds! My little guy can hardly pull the trigger. Also, trigger creep feels like it can be measured with a yard stick and the trigger break is as sharp as soft ice cream. Some kind of optional stock with an adjustable length of pull would be nice. I ended up laying this rifle in my chop saw to lob off three inches from the butt for a custom fit. As the boy grows I'll just glue on some slivers from the cut-off which I saved.
What others should know: This rifle is dieseling very heavy. So far we have about 100 shots through it on our first day out and the barrel smoked heavy for the first 50 or so. I am sure this is spreading the pellets all over the target. Right now I am not too concerned about the dieseling because I am using this rifle as a training tool for proper safety procedures and shooting form and I hope the problem will clear up before the boy brings his skills up to par.
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