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30 January 2009  

Things I liked: Animal silhouettes are a fun change, and can be used as many times as necessary.
Things I would have changed: From 10 meters, pellets seem to dent the back of the trap petty badly. I'm not sure it matters, but I wouldn't shoot any closer than that. I'm using domed .177 pellets at 1000FPS with a Ruger AirHawk.
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12 October 2008  

Things I liked: strong , easy to set-up , and use. A lot of fun to shoot at. I really like paper target shooting / practice, but sometimes ya just need to mix it up a little. I had a blast using this trap for the first time. I hung the two middle size targets up at the same time, and just had tons of fun. I didn't have much trouble with the targets moving around too much. Yes they did shift , but I always had enough space to hit the intended target.
Things I would have changed: make it large enough to hang all 4 targets at the same time.
What others should know: I shot at the steel trap / targets from 26 feet away. I was using my Crosman 2300T pistol, and had ZERO damage done to this well made trap. I had 3-5 rounds at most bounce out of the trap. The rounds that didn't get trapped, only bounced a foot or so. I fired about 60 rounds at the targets my first ues, so 3-5 bounced rounds is NOT BAD at all. I used Crosman wadcutters & they did a great job. Since I was not at the distance I should have been, I did knock some paint off the pig & bird targets. I have VERY RELIABLE back stops , and ask that you do not chance getting hurt firing at steel target too close. I wear eye protection , and track the distance of any un-trapped pellets. As I stated, the few pellets that did bounce out , didn't travel much more then 12". The way this trap is built & designed is perfect.
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6 June 2008  

Things I liked: Pretty good trap for the money - as the other reviewer said,'as long as you pay attention to distances'. That's VERY important! Holds paper targets well. Easy to store. Thick steel Silhouette targets.
Things I would have changed:  Something to keep the Silhouette targets from shifting to the left and right.
What others should know:  I use mostly a Crosman G1 and pellet pieces DO occasional bounce out even at large distances - use a piece of carpet or similar material at the back of the trap to prevent this from happening. The targets are steel with a thick layer of orange paint that chipped right off using a magnum powered rifle. There are slots on either side of the trap for paper targets to slide into - if the slot is accidentally shot it dents & bends significantly. A needlenose plyers comes in handy to bend it back. If you treat it right though it should last for years.
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29 May 2008  

Things I liked: VERY strong pellet trap as long as you pay attention to the distances. holds paper targets still. and the shiloetes are a blast to shoot. very fun for any age shooters. dont usee BBs or PBA pelletd! they leave very deep dents and can probably go through the back.
Things I would have changed: make it can hold targets the size of a sheet of paper.
What others should know: i reccomend this one over the crossman one. the crossman one uses puddy that often needs to be changed.
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