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23 November 2008  

Things I liked: They were cheaper here but see below.
Things I would have changed: Cheap in price and cheaply made. I found them to be smaller than other regulation size silhouettes and made of a lighter steel alloy. First thing I had to do was repaint them white because they are hard to see.
What others should know: These have a socket in the back to attach to a swinger by friction fit so you can really only face them one way if free standing. You are better off buying the real deal, full sized and made of steel if you are serious about airgun silhouettes.
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12 October 2008  

Things I liked: These are cheaper here than anywhere else and they are a ton of fun. It's hard to beat reactive targets.
Things I would have changed: The chickens need to be thicker where the legs join the base. I broke one with a Crosman SSP 250 at the 10yard distance for pistol silhouette after it was hit for the second time. That was the only one that broke.
What others should know: Do not shoot these with a rifle unless it is past the distance stated in the directions. If you use a middle magnum (950fps or so), start with the chickens at 30yds. or farther. Matter of fact, I wouldn't shoot anything past 15FPE at them unless you put them a ways out, particularly the chicken.
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8 April 2008  

Things I liked: Standard target, reasonable price, fun to shoot at. If you're teaching someone or messing around, you can just put them all at 20 yards or so, where its "easy" to hit them (at least the larger ones) and they will really fly. Color is nice and visible.
Things I would have changed: N/A
What others should know: They will get marked up by hits, although it takes a while before it becomes a problem with visibility.
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Value for money:

17 September 2007  

Things I liked: these are fun to shoot and you know when you hit them because they go down.
Things I would have changed: the paint on these targets comes off every time you shoot them. so after a while you need to stray paint them with orange paint or what ever color you want.
What others should know: you do realy need to put these out at 20 yrs i put one at 10 yards and i bent a little when i shot it
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