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20 March 2008  

Things I liked: ability to customize fit to my stature, overall quality, accuracy, trigger, light feeling cocking effort, and balance. the r-11 is a great rifie, i have owned two r-7's and one r-8, for over 20 years all fine rifles, but the r-11 is in another class. one hole groups @ 20 yds.,with crossman premiums ," light or heavy", most .25 " or less indoors.
Things I would have changed:  for myself nothing, but for someone wanting to put a scope over about sixteen inches in length , a longer reciever would probably be necessary.
What others should know: like an ole buddy once told me," long after the price is forgotten-- the quality remains", i believe my r-11 will be a testament to this , as the r-7 's and r-8 are. pyramyd air really made my day the first trip to the indoor range with the r-11!!!
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