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15 April 2008  

Things I liked: Very Accruate and nice knock down abilitys.. Its a little heavier than the CP's and it shows when shooting them. Also Good price for the amount you get..
Things I would have changed: Better Quailty Control. I had a lot of damaged Pellets. some so bad i had to throw them out..!!
What others should know: If you want the accruacy of Crosman Premeries but with more knock down this is the ammo for you.. good in most all med powered to med-high powered airguns. I really like them. and so does most all of my guns.
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23 March 2008  

Things I liked: These are the cleanest, most precise pellets Iv'e seen. I've used some JSB Exacts which are big bucks and these are from the same people. Super accurate and uniform. Although 16 gr seems a little high, the power conversion to the pellet is great and I'm getting better velocities than the Crosman Premier (14.3 gr). These are GREAT!!!!
Things I would have changed: Nothing
What others should know: Try these. They are some of the finest on the market at any cost
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28 January 2008  

Things I liked: First, JSB makes the best pellet. Secondly, these are made by JSB! Knowing this, i did not sample them, i bought 3 tins of 500 because of my success with the JSB labeled pellets. I got them all in 5.52, but i think they are all te same because all the tins just say 5.5 and jsb does not offer displacement pellets like that. I went threw about 25 (don't have all day) pellets to see how uniform they were and i was not surprises when they were all perfect.
Things I would have changed: NOTHING (even the price is OK for 500 LOL)
What others should know: I have 500 jsb pellets in a plastic bag labeled defective, this is because i had them in a beeman pellet pouch and dropped it. THUD --> it hit rock. They were all crumpled on the tail end. I have got a bad batch before and because of my experience of dropping them, it must have been done in shipping. I would do 3 day when buying quality pellets. JUST BE SURE TO TRY THEM!
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