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8 March 2009  

Things I liked: The Beeman HW 77 Carbine was one of the first precision adult air rifles I've ever owned. With it, I learned just how accurate an air rifle can be. It was also my introduction to the fabulous Rekord trigger, which set the standard for spring-piston triggers. The Beeman HW 77 is a heavy, robust, man-sized spring gun that can shoot incredible groups with the right pellets, which would be 7.9-grain Crosman Premiers in the cardboard box and 8.4-grain JSB Diabolo domes. The rifle has Weihrauch's scope stop system, which is currently one of the best for spring rifles. As long as there is a vertical stop pin in one of the three holes on top of the spring tube, the scope mount will not move.
Things I would have changed: I wish the Tyrolean stock pattern was still available for this rifle.
What others should know: Remember to hold the cocking lever all the time you are loading the pellet. Use the artillery hold, though the Beeman HW 77 is one of the most forgiving spring-piston guns you will encounter. Select a scope whose overall length does not extend past the pellet-loading port when the sliding breech chamber is open. As long as the scope is less than about 14.2 inches, you should be okay on this point. It all depends on how far to the rear you mount the scope, and 2-piece rings are more flexible in this case.
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10 September 2008  

Things I liked: Everything.. Superb gun, excellent accuracy and very well balanced...
Things I would have changed: Improve the rip on the stock, where the non-firing palm holds, as well as at where the cheek rests.
What others should know: Takes a cool 500 shots to 'seep-in'. Match proper pellets to improve performance. The sound seems a little springy when out of the box, but this will soon settle down.
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