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19 November 2008  

Things I liked: These seem like very well made pellets and have a good reputation among some shooters. I think they are exactly the same pellet as JSB Exacts.
Things I would have changed: Make them group in my rifles
What others should know: These pellets group in completely different places than other pellets in my rifles (B-40 & RWS Shutze). I'm not talking a little off, I'm talking inches out. They do seem to group but nowhere near as well as Beeman pellets. I think these may be decent pellets in some guns if you sight for these only and use them exclusively. Maybe that's the JSB/Air Arms plan. Make 'em group their own way and you won't buy anything else 'cause you'll have to re-zero! I have about 800 of these for sale if anyone is interested!
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17 November 2008  

Things I liked: The tight groups I get are much fun!
Things I would have changed: Absolutely nothing!
What others should know: Worth the extra pennies it cost.
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