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11 July 2008  

Things I liked: This is a very high quality oil. you get a good size bottle for a very reasonable price. Fantastic for keeping your bore, and all metal parts clean as well as protected. this MP-5 oil and the AGE cleaner are a great 1-2 combo.
Things I would have changed: Nothing.
What others should know: This product helps keep finger prints &, rust from forming on your gun/s. The Beeman MP-5 oil helps get the grime , leading , and dirt particals out of your bore. use the AGE bore cleaner first, then follow up with 1-2 drops of this oil on a clean patch. Not only will it protect your bore, but it even gets more grime out of your bore. I noticed that my .22 cal pistol had lost accuracy. After using the Cleaner and MP-5 my Crosman .22 was back to being dead on accurate. The oil does dry leaving a clear coating both inside and out of your treasured guns.
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22 April 2008  

Things I liked: no offensive smell,,,like the way it looks wet and dry. I did get more dirt out of my barrel using this after I thought I was done cleaning. I've liked what I've read about this product, I'm pretty new at all this, I am impressed with Beeman quality over all. It seems to live up to all its claimed afame. I love it.
Things I would have changed: nothing
What others should know: nothing
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16 August 2007  

Things I liked:  The oil will not harm wood and leather; no worries about seepage into wood. The oil will form a dry, imperceptable film and protects against skin oils, etc. The oil does not have an offensive smell at all. After cleaning with solvents, the MP-5 still gets more carbon out of a bore; it protects without a heavy film. I have been using this oil on airguns and firearms since 1986; I prefer nothing else over it.
Things I would have changed: Fine Beeman products like these need to be distributed more widely. Until I found this stuff on airgunexpress three years ago, the only place I could get it was Dick's Gun Room in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
What others should know: It is a fine cleaner for the bore and protectant; unless I was degreaing for a reason, I would use nothing else in the bore. Once in a while, I would run a lightly moistened MP-5 cleaning pellet between cleanings.
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