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9 November 2008  

Things I liked: ACCURACY, weight I was only testing my scope at first (on my gamo cfx w/kodiak match) but then i decided to shoot some of the pellets i recently order. JSB Exact heavy & regular, polymags, and FTS. at first i thought i was rusty as the JSB exacts heavy was giving me 2"+ groups but it can't be since kodiaks were in 1/2" groups. Anyways, i shot some FTS and was surprised to land 3 shots in the exact place. Consequently i shot 10 more and i got the same result (1/2" groups). i cannot say this pellet is better than kodiak but they can really get close at about 50 yards. further testing is needed. 70yrds 80yds and the birds across the houses on the other block. I don't know if it will be accurate @ plus 70yds (due to it's lighter weight compared to kodiak) but i will review my finding later.
Things I would have changed: if i had to say something it would be the length but it is not really a factor.
What others should know: as far as penetration it will not penetrate a 1" board @ 1foot distance as the kodiak, silver arrow , Raptors, JSB light and heavy do. These pellets don't seem as hard as raptors but at least they are accurate unlike raptors which i find better for shorter ranges.
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20 October 2008  

Things I liked: great ammo for crosman airguns, 50 yards or more range. Did not group that well in my Gamo air guns.
Things I would have changed: Cheaper price and more pellets
What others should know: these pellets are still soft and you cannot just carry them in your pocket
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