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10 November 2008  

Things I liked: They work GREAT in my Beeman R9 Double Gold Combo, .20. They are fairly accurate and hit very hard at longer distances. I also use Crow magnums for regular plinking and small game. They fit nicely in my rifle and look good. I know this sounds lame but, I tried them for the colour only at first. Because I have a Beeman Double Gold, I wanted to make picking the right pellet for my gun easy. I also have a .22 and a .177 that my kids use. When we shoot together it can be confusing to which tin we reach for. This way mine are always Gold.
Things I would have changed: I'm happy so far..... BUT.............A SCREW ON LID PLEASE.........WHY DO WE HAVE TO BEG FOR SOMETHING SO SIMPLE?
What others should know: I had two tins of the Beeman Kodiak Double Gold .20 that did not fit my gun. But the FTS was just fine.
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