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17 December 2008  

Things I liked: The pellet is clean and leaves no visual residue on my fingers. The barrel stays very clean.
Things I would have changed: Nothing
What others should know: It did not shoot as accurately in my AA 410 nor my Air Ranger (50 ft lbs) as does the standard lead pellet. I will stick with the standard lead pellet.
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24 September 2008  

Things I liked: Gave tighter groups than the standard lead Beeman Kodiaks in my .22 Weihrauch HW100T. Gave a slightly lower velocity but were slightly more accurate and consistent than normal Kodiaks.
Things I would have changed: Nothing - excellent pellets. I will buy more of these as I value accuracy and consistency more than a few extra fps.
What others should know: I chronograph compared these against standard Beeman Kodiaks and they had a very slightly lower velocity (not sure why). But the consistency and tightness of my groups was the best I have seen. I sent 10 of these pellets through a hole not much bigger than 1 pellet at 20 yards!! (I cannot repeat this with normal Kodiaks).
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