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4 January 2009  

Things I liked: clean, even finish, dust-less (my fingers don't turn black). very consistent pellet to pellet and none of them were out of shape in my can.
Things I would have changed: people always complain about packaging. This is a non-screwtop lid. I just re-use Altoid tins instead.
What others should know: They seem to be accurate, but I'm a beginner and shooting with the IZH 46M. At 500 fps, I'm trying to keep the pellet weight just over 7 grains. I can compare them to Crossman (dirty, dusty, inconsistent in shape) and the Gamo Variety pack ( not as nice as the Berettas). Where the Gamo pellets slip into the breech of the 46m, the Berettas have to be pushed in, making me feel they have better contact in the barrel. I'm buying them again.
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