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19 December 2008  

Things I liked: Very Nice finish and quality. The optics and cross-hairs were clear, sharp, precise and bright even given the small objective lens. The 2X magnification is just right (maybe 2.5X would be a little better) I mounted it on a modded 2240 and I can easily hit snails at 30' (a little harder when they are charging.)
Things I would have changed: I did not like the small, silver logo on the side. I took a Sharpie felt marker and made it black. (After all, this is on one serious, tactical, undercover .22 cal pellet pop pistol.)
What others should know: The small objective lens is to allow you to mount the scope low. If that is not important, a larger objective will always gather more light. I'm amazed at the improvement in optics manufacturing where you can get a nice scope for $50.
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17 October 2008  

Things I liked: Clear focus, easy to sight in, light wieght but very good construction. Haze filters work very well.
Things I would have changed: 
What others should know: The fine focus is a little stiff. You should only have to do it once though if your leaving it on one pistol.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

17 September 2008  

Things I liked: Nice finish, well made overall.
Things I would have changed: Flip up caps.
What others should know: Mounted this on a customers 2240 Crosman Custom pistol. Very clear optics, easy to sight in and holds. Great value for the money.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

24 September 2007  

Things I liked: Simple to use, bright optic. Seems nicely made for the money
Things I would have changed: nothing
What others should know: Nice scope for my Crosman 2300T
Overall rating:
Value for money:

8 September 2007  

Things I liked: With problem eyesight, I find the scope most adequate for the money.
Things I would have changed: Nothing.
What others should know: 
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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