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2 January 2009  

Things I liked: Excellent Beeman product!!! I use them and use them and never run out!!! LOL... Very effective, removes plenty of lead... Small but perfect!!
Things I would have changed: N/A
What others should know: Remember, there is no need to be cleaning the bore every time... Clean it from time to time...... Go For IT!!!
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16 November 2008  

Things I liked: Cheap, simple to use, tight fit that gets a lot of lead out.
Things I would have changed: Nothing.
What others should know: Buy this and never look back. Use dry.
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26 October 2008  

Things I liked: fits .177 cal bore just right not too loose or too tight.
Things I would have changed: nothing
What others should know: very easy to use,when your done cleaning I run a clean patch of WD-40 down the bore for added protection.
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1 August 2008  

Things I liked: These patches work well with .177 & .22 cals. I actually do not use a loop , I use the bore clearing tip from my .177 cal rod, and use the brush with a patch pinched on the tip of my .22 cal rod. This may sound crazy , but don't knock it until you try it. The patches fit , and work well. It takes a lot of force to use other brands , and thats not good. These are perfect in every way.
Things I would have changed: make larger count tubes, like maybe 250-500.
What others should know: Between Beeman and Pyramyd they have the 1-2-3 combo that will clean and protect your guns/ rifles. I have done this with all 9 of my pistols , and 4 air rifles. It's tryed and true folks. Buy the AGE cleaner / degreaser-- Beeman's bottle of MP5 oil , and these patches. mix 2 caps of AGE cleaner with one cap of HOT WATER. Run it thru your bore , wait 3 minutes , and repete. Take as many dry patches as needed to clean all the leading , and dirt out of your bore. Note --- the AGE will get leading , and dirt you can't even see until you use it. After removing the lead , and dirt. Use 1-3 drops of Beeman MP5 oil on a new clean dry patch. You will now notice that your patches will come out with even more dirt / lead because the AGE cleaner & MP5 oil work well together. I notice that it takes about 5-7 patches after the AGE & MP5 until they come out clean. Last , and very important ! put 1-2 drops of MP5 oil on one last patch , and slowly turn it thru your bore 1-3 times. It will dry , and protect your barrel/ bore. I have done the above many times folks , and I promise you that your gun will be VERY VERY clean as well as protected. Did you know you can take 1-2 drops of the MP5 oil , put it on a dry clean patch , and wipe you pistol & rifle with it ? The oil drys , yet protects your guns from rust and finger prints as well as making it look fantastic. Pyramyd is the ONLY place that I know that you can get the AGE bore cleaner so buy 2-5 bottles . The Beeman MP5 oil is a great deal. You get a good size bottle for a GREAT PRICE. Since the AGE, MP5, and these patches work so well, you may want to buy 1-2 more tubes of these patches because as I said between the AGE , and the MP5 I go thru about 10-15 patches because these products remove ALL of the junk that throws off your accuracy , and over works your guns.
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21 October 2007  

Things I liked: Nice packaging with easy to swipe patches
Things I would have changed: Better instructions would be nice... I know it's not rocket surgery, but not all guns are easy to clean..
What others should know: Fine pieces of cotton can get torn and lodged in your barrel if the rifling is sharp and rigid... It would be a good idea to run a brush through the barrel once more after using these patches...
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