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18 December 2008  

Things I liked: Great pump... Easy to use... Very friendly until it gets to the last 500psi!!!! LOL... But, there's no way to prevent it... GO FOR IT!!!
Things I would have changed: 
What others should know: It's great... whenever you're running low on air in a scuba tank.. This will save your shooting day!!
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26 September 2008  

Things I liked: Allows me to shoot at will. No trips to Dicks. Very smooth operation and easy to understand instructions. Sturdy construction due to the fact it's made in U.S.A.
Things I would have changed: Include a set of washers for attaching the base plate.
What others should know: I wiegh about 180 lbs. It took the full force of my wieght to get the last 800 psi in the tank. This is not something for kids. Unless they are incredibly strong. I used a set of 1/8" thick graphite washers to secure the base plate. Without them it seemed very unstable for the amount of force that needs to be applied. With them it's solid as a rock. Make sure to get some silicone lube for the o-rings. Happy pumping.
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22 July 2008  

Things I liked: This is a good pump and the fact that it's made in USA is very important. The first pump we received from Pyramid Air had a faulty release valve, however, it only took one call to Sharon (who is awesome in the sales department) and Chris in the tech department, and Pyramid Air shipped another one out right away. The 2nd pump worked just fine. In fact, the people working at Pyramid Air are very friendly, professional, and most important - helpful in solving problems. This is a big plus for a company in this day and age of impersonal interaction that you get many times with customer relations.
Things I would have changed: Nothing except that it is very hard to pump. If there was some kind of miracle engineering that Air Force could do to make the pumping easier, that would be great. Until then, it's a good upper body work out.
What others should know: At this point, we haven't put the pump through a long period of use, so we will have to wait until it gets put through the paces in a long term thorough test. So far, it works very well.
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Value for money:

9 June 2008  

Things I liked: Once the initial charge is put on your air tank, refills are fairly easy. It is cheaper, quicker and lighter than carting around an electric pump or scuba tank. It is also much more convenient than going to a scuba shop for refills, as your shots drop consistently and quickly after only a couple of pellets. You can just top off to 3000psi after every 5-10 shots all day.
Things I would have changed: 1) The baseplate can and did rip off if you pump at an angle or aren't careful. I would like to see a much more sturdy baseplate attachment. 2) If your don't end your pumping session with the pump vigorously pushed down all the way to the stop, you will leave a light charge of compressed air inside the pump which can and did ruin the internal gaskets. I would like to see some way to bleed all the air out of the pump, not just the final stage bleed screw.
What others should know: Keeping the airgun's tank pressure consistent, what ever pressure you shoot at, is very important if you want to have clover leaf shot groups at 25 yards, which Airforce rifles will do.
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