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20 March 2009  

Things I liked: Strong, light, easy to flip up/ down, really needed to realize the accuracy available in these Airforce rifles. The bipod allows you to leave the rifle setting on a table or shooting platform and it will remain upright, protecting the scope and finish. Easy to take the bipod on and off without tools. A coin (US quarter) works perfect.
Things I would have changed: Nothing. The price seems consistent with the quality and value.
What others should know: Since I got my Talon SS, 95% of all the shots (about 500) have been taken from the bipod. These airguns are tack-drivers and the steady hold the bipod affords is outstanding.
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Value for money:

26 February 2009  

Things I liked: Installs on the rifle easily.
Things I would have changed: Better construction, at a lower price.
What others should know: Half way sturdy with legs unextended, very flimsy with legs fully extended.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

17 January 2009  

Things I liked: Light weight easy to remove ,
Things I would have changed: make the lower section of the legs more rigid without adding more weight. going to give it a 4 do to the flex in the lower section with legs extended For that kind of money should be more rigid
What others should know: Great addition for your airforce you wont regret having it .
Overall rating:
Value for money:

16 January 2009  

Things I liked: Fold-up feature and leg extension.
Things I would have changed: Heavier stock for the extended legs. Less play when attached to the rail, it would be excellent if it were solid when deployed.
What others should know: Good value, looks good on the Condor.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

3 January 2009  

Things I liked: It gets the job done.... Get in the prone position or put it over a table and shoot away... You won't miss... It even lets you some degree of rotation for the rifle if the terrain isn't completely leveled.... It is a great accessory for my Talon SS... It is lightweight and small... Get iT!!
Things I would have changed: The PRICE!!! Pretty expensive... as every other AirForce accessory...
What others should know: Buy IT!!! It adds another degree of accuracy to the already accurate AirForce Rifles!!!
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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