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20 October 2008  

Things I liked: price
Things I would have changed: Stronger construction
What others should know: The trap is a bit weak. It showed some damage after 10 shots from a 1077 at 10 yds.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

30 July 2008  

Things I liked: Very nice pellet trap for the money. traps the pellets in the back which you can pour right into the trash with no mess. I like that my 5 inch Gamo targets fit perfect in this trap.
Things I would have changed: Make one that can take higher impact. I must say I fired Kodiak extra heavy pellets .22 cals no less from 26 1/2 feet. They did shake it , but did not brake it, however it wouldn't be smart on my end to press the issue , and destroy the trap. Hope to see a new model that takes plenty of high impact abuse with a cost of $20.00 for the higher quage steel.
What others should know: If you mount this trap so it's seated well , you will get good use out of it. since the thin / light targets seem to anger people when used with this type of trap please try the thick cardboard style targets. The Gamo 5 " targets won't let you down. Since I own the Crosman BB-Pellet trap , and really like it , I wanted to note something. I noticed that since I started using this trap. I am able to set my visual sights better . What I mean is, since the trap holds 5x5 targets I can zero in better since I'm 1. looking at nothing but target , and 2 that helps me hone in on the center rings better. With larger traps , you have a noticeable border around your target so it may draw you off your mark with out you even knowing it. Don't get me wrong , the Crosman BB-Pellet trap is excellant , built well , and stops STEEL BB'S & Pellets . I have two of them. Since I have the Beeman cone trap as well as the crosman trap that is larger, I noticed that I could hone in / concentrate better when see nothing but target. So if competetion practice is want you want with PELLETS ONLY, you may find that the all or nothing fit this cone trap provides will help up your shooting game.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

6 July 2008  

Things I liked: The thing i like about this trap is the prices.
Things I would have changed: The back part of the trap is not weld on too good. I don't know how long its going to hold up. Since i put about 100 pellets in this trap with my Bam B-30 rifle.
What others should know: if you were to buy this pellet trap be sure to buy gamo paper targets. It fit really well with this trap. This trap will work well with low and mid power air gun.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

19 May 2008  

Things I liked: The price, and the potability.
Things I would have changed: The included targets are really thin and cheap, also I would include another cardboard cutout for backing up the target. But what do you expect for the price
What others should know: It works great for an indoor pistol target for my weak Tech Force 24. But my RWS 48 from 20 yards broke it in 35 shots. The back deflector/collector is connected on all sides by two small tack welds. I had my brother drill the welds out then fill them correctly, he also covered it in 3/16'' diamondplate. No problems now or ever again in the future.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

14 May 2008  

Things I liked: I like the trap especially for the price
Things I would have changed: Not much
What others should know: It gets beet up by 1000fps pellets pretty bad, the weld at the bottom of the trap gets pushed out easily when at 25yrds.
Overall rating:
Value for money:

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