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Rating: 4.3/5 (3 votes cast)

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13 March 2009  

Things I liked: No better quality is possible. Would probably survive a .22 HV LR round hit without a dent.
Things I would have changed: Is such quality needed for a protective cap? I'd say no.
What others should know: It is the same machining as the caps used in the AF scuba fill units and AF fill adapters. The one end was just machined smooth to make a cap rather than providing a fill hole/ adapter. That may be why they can sell it for $14 as it is just a variation on an existing product. Otherwise, it would certainly be a $40 item.
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14 February 2009  

Things I liked: It offers good protection for the threads on the HP & CO2 tanks.
Things I would have changed: Check units before shipping, as both items had surface rust on the exterior, that was easily removed, but should not have been present.
What others should know: I have been pleased with all my purchases of Air Force items, good quality.
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16 December 2008  

Things I liked: Fit and finish is excelent .
Things I would have changed: I would make it out of a less expensive material..
What others should know: It is way over kill is construction for a dust cap . And the price reflects it .
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